Face to Face Meetings

We currently have three face to face meetings in our area.

Monday night: 7pm in Grand Rapids.
Tuesday night: 7pm in Holland.
Thursday night: 7pm in Grand Rapids.
Saturday morning: 9am in Grand Rapids.

Local Phone Meetings

We have several phone meetings specifically for those living in West Michigan. In addition, current members can attend the same meetings with video. Newcomers are welcome to join by phone until they have attended their first face to face meeting.

Tuesday night: 8pm
Thursday night: 7pm
Saturday morning: 9am

All of our meetings, both in person and online or phone are considered ‘closed’. This means that only those desiring their own personal sexual sobriety are welcome to attend. Please respect our request for anonymity and do not attend meetings just to observe. We have found that recovery only takes place when an individual seeks it out for himself or herself.

All of our meetings, are open to both men and women attending.  There are very good reasons why this is true, if this concerns you please click here to read the rationale behind holding mixed meetings.

If you would like more information about the specifics of our meetings, please call our hotline at 616-242-8653 or use the contact form to the right.  (Mobile users click here to reveal form.)  We strive to answer quickly, usually within a couple hours.

Phone Meetings in the US, Abroad and in other Languages

If you are traveling and/or none of our meeting times work for you we encourage you to pursue attending phone meetings run by SA International. There are several meetings per day in several different languages.  Click here for more information.

From Grand Rapids SA to any Newcomer:

When you walk into your first SA meeting you can expect the following:

1.    Complete and total anonymity.

2.    An honest and truthful exchange of experiences for the purposes of strengthening and providing hope to each other.  You are not in this alone.  

3.    You will find more in common with others than you find differences, whether it is related to a specific addiction or the manner in which you arrived at your addictive behavior.  We may have all sailed on different ships, but we are all in the same boat.

4.    Specifically, during the first meeting if it is large group, to avoid intimidating you, the group may offer to have you to meet separately with a couple of SA members that have a significant amount of sobriety.   They will share more details about what is involved in SA, and they will also share their story.    It is up to you whether you wish to share any or all of your story.  

5.    Most of the SA meetings follow the same general format, but realize each group is autonomous and formats will vary.  At first it is best just to go with the flow and participate when and as you feel comfortable.  In general, the formats are along the lines of the following;

      a.       The group leader will call the meeting to order with a moment of silence and the serenity prayer.  (Group leaders alternate based on attendees)

      b.      The leader will begin the introductions, by stating their first name, length of sobriety, step number they are working on and whether they have a sponsor.  Certain meetings ask for more or less in an introduction and as a newcomer you should feel free to provide only the information that you are comfortable with.  

      c.       After introductions, the leader will ask if there are any newcomers, at which time you would be expected to identify yourself.  Volunteers will be selected to meet with you outside of the normal meeting and provide you with your own one-on-one newcomer introduction.

      d.      The balance of the meeting will continue with announcements (sometimes saved until the end) and typically a reading that follows a course of study or format agreed upon by the members.

      e.      After the reading, depending on the number in attendance, the members will remain together or split into two or more groups.

      f.        The floor will be opened up to each member in general to discuss their experience, strength and hope as it relates to the reading.  The sharing is always in the first person and cross talk is not permitted at this time.  

      g.       After the sharing time, the meeting is closed with a prayer.

      h.      It is always encouraged to spend time before or after meetings talking with other members.

Please Note: That SA is not group therapy nor does it provide any type of counseling services.