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Our Core Books - free pdf versions.

Our core books are readily available in pdf and ebook formats for free on the web.  We have gathered them here for your convenience.

SA - White Book PDF
SA - Recovery Continues PDF
AA - Big Book PDF
AA - 12 Steps and 12 Traditions PDF

Key Audio Books - free MP3 files

Some of our most loved core resources and books have been made into MP3 audio files.  These are readily found on the internet for free so we have collected them here for your convenience.

SA - White Book MP3 files
SA - Recovery Continues MP3 files
AA - Big Book MP3 files
AA  - Joe and Charlie's Big Book Study MP3 files
AA - 12 Steps and 12 Traditions MP3 files

Free SA Pamphlets

SA - Why Stop Lusting? PDF
SA - A Resource for the Health and Helping Professional PDF
SA - To The Newcomer PDF

Helpful Websites and Newsletters

"Essay" current and past issues download page
SA International publishes a periodic newsletter called "Essay".  It has excellent articles and we highly recommend it to all attendees!

Fight the New Drug is an organization with a fantastic website dedicated to showing the negative effects of pornography from a purely research based perspective (the organization states that it is neither religious nor morality based).  Just the facts.  Very interesting research done here!

Drink This Not That!  Those of us that are open to using icons to help us redirect our desires rightly can benefit from this little web page.  Many of us have found that denying our urges or "white knuckling it" alone is doomed to fail.  Redirecting our desires to an infinite source is the key.  This particular icon from Russia has helped thousands over the past century.  It's simple prayer is echoed in much 12 step literature: "God, whatever it is I'm really looking for right now, help me find it in You".

Good Reads

Some members have been helped by the following books:

Fill These Hearts: God, Sex and the Universal Longing by Christopher West

In the SA White book on page 165 it suggests that we recognize and feed our God hunger.  This book is all about that universal hunger.  Some members contest that no other book explains this more clearly for a follower of The Way of Jesus. Christ offers a banquet yet we often settle for either fast food or starvation diets.  The White book goes further by suggesting a prayer when we are triggered: "Whatever it is I'm really looking for now, let me please find it in you".  This book explains how redirecting our hunger, not denying it, is the answer.  It urges us to re-aim toward the infinite, for after all, that which is finite was never meant to satisfy us.  You can listen to it here before you buy it if you like.

Other Recovery Groups:

There are other groups that help those of us who struggle with sexually compulsive behaviors.  We list them here as a show of good will to any group that endeavors to bring healing and freedom from sex addiction.

SRA - Sexual Recovery Anonymous
SAA - Sex Addicts Anonymous
SLAA - Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
SCA - Sexual Compulsives Anonymous

Help for those that feel unsafe in co-ed recovery groups:

It is not uncommon for both men and women to feel uncomfortable in co-ed recovery groups.  While it is true that there are many strengths gained by participating in Co-ed recovery meetings (click here for the section of the SA White book that explains those positive aspects) we empathize with your discomfort.

At least for women in the Grand Rapids area there is now a path forward.  Helen Ceballo-HernĂ¡ndez, a local therapist has very reasonably priced group therapy for women who want to recover from sexually compulsive behaviors.  You can contact her on her office phone at 616-456-1178 or by emailing her at  Learn more on her website

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